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sailer / парусное судно
имя существительное
парусное судно
sailing ship, sailing vessel, sailing craft, sailboat, ship, sailer
имя существительное
a sailing ship or boat of specified power or manner of sailing.
the great ships were abominable sailers: sluggish and difficult to maneuver
Savruga is a twin-masted gulet motor / sailer 23m long with a 6.5m beam.
a motor sailer
Perhaps the Hood didn't deserve that epitaph, but since her launch in 1891, the 14,150 ton armoured monster had become known throughout the fleet as a good looker, but a lousy sailer .
a four-masted motor sailer
A fast sailer such as Constitution could make as much as 14 knots under sail, but heavier vessels tended to be much slower, a fact to which the Constitution owed her life on more than one occasion.