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sail / паруса, парус, плавание
имя существительное
sail, canvas, clothing
sail, canvas, velum, sheet, brattice
swimming, navigation, voyage, swim, sailing, sail
swim, sail, ride, pull
swim, float, sail, voyage, run
имя прилагательное
sailing, sail
имя существительное
a piece of material extended on a mast to catch the wind and propel a boat, ship, or other vessel.
all the sails were unfurled
something resembling a sail in shape or function, in particular.
travel in a boat with sails, especially as a sport or recreation.
Ian took us out sailing on the lake
move smoothly and rapidly or in a stately or confident manner.
she sailed into the conference room at 2:30 sharp
Fuel was heavy and expensive, and over long distances steam was no faster than sail .
The longest leg of the journey is then the sail to Fort William and the final ascent of Ben Nevis.
Technologically she was a hybrid that straddled the eras of sail and steam.
the sail covering the load of crates broke loose from the truck
The submarine Connecticut, a new Seawolf-class sub, had partly surfaced with its sail and rudder sticking through the ice on April 27.
Kate and Josie Fraser lead out a group of fellow 2003 NCAS Sailing scholarship holders on a training sail at Ballina last November.
The cruise ship Aurora was last night due to sail on her next voyage, just hours after docking in Southampton.
Barring any last-minute surprises, the trio should sail smoothly through the process.
The 75-metre boat was due to sail from her home port of Stromness for the last time today.
Taylor said it was also the last time the liner's captain, Roger Knight, will sail a ship out of a port.