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sahib / сагиб, господин, хозяин
имя существительное
lord, master, gentleman, mister, sir, sahib
host, owner, master, boss, proprietor, sahib
имя существительное
a polite title or form of address for a man.
the Doctor Sahib
‘You're the only one, sahib ,’ he called out as I headed in.
Vests under the dinner jackets must have been uncomfortable to wear in the Indian heat, so the sahibs tied a bandana around their waists (kamar in Urdu) and began calling it a cummerbund.
In their race to realise the more-or-less elusive American dream, the characters come across as study cases or automatons, caught in the fast-forward gear to become suburban sahibs .
We come to know how the white sahibs started the earlier plantations.
Also, we're one of the few stand alone eateries in India to offer lobsters and crabs which was important because the burra sahibs were partial to them!