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sago / саго
имя существительное
sago, pearl sago
имя существительное
edible starch that is obtained from a palm and is a staple food in parts of the tropics. The pith inside the trunk is scraped out, washed, and dried to produce a flour or processed to produce the granular sago used in the West.
Although these essays are concerned with others crops too, only Ellen's contribution is really focused on another staple food, sago .
the palm from which most sago is obtained, growing in freshwater swamps in Southeast Asia.
Cycadales, ‘true cycads,’ are still with us and are represented by the common sago palm and the cardboard palm, often seen as decorative indoor plants or in outdoor gardens in the southern United States.
Here the staple foods are fish and sago ; no pigs are kept, though wild ones - and cassowaries - may be hunted.
The Asmat subsist by fishing and by harvesting wild sago trees, whose pith is carbohydrate-rich.
Foods like coconuts, sago and other staples like cassava, sweet potatoes and taro are collected and donated.
Rice could be bought at 2d a pound and sago and sugar at 3d a pound.
Wash the sago and cook in the extraction of milk.
They danced inside and underneath the enormous longhouses, concluding the celebrations with the consumption of large amounts of prepared foods, including sago and yams.
Some alternatives which produce results similar to gelatin are agar-agar, carrageenan, tapioca, sago , guar gum, pectin, and rennet.
Flour allows us to mix many kinds of food sources together, such as cassava, sago , taro, yam, etc.
It was her first taste of sago and she was full of compliments for this dish, which was enhanced with palm sugar and coconut milk.
And they are eating these sorts of wild crops, or non-traditional food crops such as sago .