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safflower / сафлоровое
имя существительное
an orange-flowered, thistlelike Eurasian plant with seeds that yield an edible oil and petals that were formerly used to produce a red or yellow dye.
In reality, this product is the thistle of the safflower plant.
Other tasty crops in the region include sugarbeets, safflower , buckwheat, and crambe.
In reality, this product is the thistle of the safflower plant.
First, let me state that it is not because it is a thistle - the niger thistle is really more closely related to safflower or sunflower and like these crops is high in oil.
They're also plentiful in many oils - safflower , soybean, sunflower, black currant seed, flaxseed, evening primrose and borage.
Other crops include alfalfa, wheat, grapes, sunflowers, safflower , and walnuts.
Sunflower, niger, safflower and millet are popular attractors.
Foods high in these fats include vegetable oils such as safflower , corn and sunflower.
Common foods, which contain phytosterols, are chestnuts, sesame, safflower , sunflower and pumpkin seeds.
Use oils such as sunflower, safflower , olive and canola.
Steer away from safflower , sunflower, corn and sesame oils, as well as polyunsaturated vegetable oils.