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safety / безопасность, сохранность, надежность
имя существительное
security, safety, safeness
safety, keeping, preservation
reliability, security, safety, dependability, trustworthiness, solidity
имя прилагательное
safety, preservative, prophylactic, deterrent
имя существительное
the condition of being protected from or unlikely to cause danger, risk, or injury.
they should leave for their own safety
a defensive back who normally is positioned well behind the line of scrimmage.
Moss' presence also helps the running game because defenses often keep safeties deep to account for him.
the survivors were airlifted to safety
This type of cancer is the only tumor that can be prevented by appropriate safety measures.
Asi Faoa blocked the ensuing punt in the end zone for a UCLA safety .
It comes equipped with an automatic safety , scope rail, rifled barrel and adjustable sights.
Steinbach veterinarian Doug Bazinet said the risk from BSE to human health and food safety is very low.
They had no health and safety training and no risk assessments had been carried out, a jury heard.
they should leave for their own safety
A cotter pin acts a safety measure to prevent the arm from sliding off the stub.
Risk assessments must be conducted if the work exposes employees to levels of vibration that could pose a risk to health and safety , and action must be taken.
Plans to cut health and safety spending risked the lives of workers across the country, said another union.