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safeguard / гарантия, охрана, предохранительное устройство
имя существительное
guarantee, warranty, assurance, security, safeguard, guaranty
security, protection, guard, safeguard, escort, custody
предохранительное устройство
ensure, guarantee, assure, secure, safeguard, insure
guard, protect, safeguard, keep, preserve, watch
safeguard, guard
имя существительное
a measure taken to protect someone or something or to prevent something undesirable.
there were multiple safeguards to prevent the accidental release of a virus
protect from harm or damage with an appropriate measure.
low interest rates are offering the opportunity to safeguard their financial futures
Gilfillan says the engineers reports are just a precaution - a safeguard against an unknown future.
Studies have shown that using sunscreens that safeguard against UVB rays only lead consumers into a false sense of security.
For Ungaretti, this classical perspective would always be a safeguard against solipsism and aesthetic decadence.
Are you looking to safeguard against hackers?
Commission a study group to see if we can spin it as a safeguard against terrorism for citizens.
The notion of checks and balances as a safeguard against tyranny is something that I think can have applicability all around the world.
Those delays may impel companies to build up precautionary inventories as a safeguard against distribution disruptions.
Use professional literature and state and federal laws to ensure that any outsourcer is providing appropriate security measures to safeguard against theft or improper sharing of personal employee data.
The responsibility of parents can only be restricted under a court order, providing a safeguard against overzealous intervention by local authorities.
low interest rates are offering the opportunity to safeguard their financial futures