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safecracker / взломщик сейфов
имя существительное
взломщик сейфов
safecracker, safebreaker, safeblower, peterman, gopher
имя существительное
a person who breaks open and robs safes.
These ratings are not theoretical; employed by UL, actual hotshot safecrackers take actual safes and test them.
Each safe is actually rated according to approximately how long it can withstand fire, as well as how hard it would be for a veteran safecracker to break into it.
The kids' favorite part (and, I suspect, everyone else's, too) was Feynman's retelling of his adventures as a safecracker .
Needing a safecracker to replace Bridger, Charlie approaches the old man's daughter, Stella, who's taken the skills daddy taught her into the legitimate world of safe and vault consulting.
‘Most likely, one of the criminals was an experienced safecracker , because an analysis showed that the safe was opened without any outer physical damage,’ a police spokesman told Interfax.
Zed is an American safecracker in Paris.
I thought it was a hilarious play, about two loveable ex-cons - a safecracker and a pickpocket - who wanted to show the ropes to a young convict who's been framed and is just getting out of prison.
William H. Macy, playing nervous single parent Riley, and Sam Rockwell, as born loser boxer Pero, head the cast of this hit and miss affair, most notable for a cameo appearance by George Clooney as a wheelchair-bound safecracker .
There are really too many to name them all, but Italian comic Tot is especially endearing in his role as Dante Cruiciani, a legendary safecracker brought in to give the gang some much-needed pointers.
Nick is also a professional safecracker who lives by a sworn motto: never steal from where you live.
It's about Vic, a former safecracker who has done his time and is now trying to maintain a straight life running a garage in New York.