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safe / сейф, несгораемый шкаф, холодильник
имя существительное
safe, safe deposit, strongbox, peter
несгораемый шкаф
refrigerator, fridge, cooler, condenser, icebox, safe
имя прилагательное
safe, secure, sure, foolproof, healthy, innocent
в безопасности
reliable, secure, safe, solid, sound, dependable
имя прилагательное
protected from or not exposed to danger or risk; not likely to be harmed or lost.
eggs remain in the damp sand, safe from marine predators
uninjured; with no harm done.
they had returned safe and sound
имя существительное
a strong fireproof cabinet with a complex lock, used for the storage of valuables.
Another successful selling point Abrams uses is the discounts many insurance companies give to customers who purchase fireproof safes for their valuables.
a condom.
According to the ad, ‘Julius Schmind would like to give you some straight talk about condoms, rubbers, sheaths, safes , French letters, storkstoppers.’
But not so lucky were files, plans and tapes stored in a fireproof cabinet and safe in Manhattan.
Until then the £1, 000 necklace will be locked away in a safe in the Church Street shop.
During their two-hour ordeal the boys were locked in a disused safe .
We talked about the rumble only when a safe distance away from family members, especially younger siblings.
They appeared near the stairway and kept a safe distance away.
Mr Thos Lavery of the Garda Water Unit pointed out the importance of safe boating and water activities and how risks can be reduced.
She can leave, and fly down to a safe opening at the base of this cliff.
There is still time to hand in photographs all of which will be returned safely to their owners safe and sound.
She wonders whether her investments and retirement accounts are safe from broad fluctuations in stock prices.
This appellant's convictions are safe , and his appeal against conviction is dismissed.