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sadly / грустно, уныло
sadly, gloomily, ruefully, depressingly, dismally, flatly
showing or feeling sadness.
he smiled sadly
They're so naive, say the chatterers, so innocent and this, sadly , leads them to do such terrible things.
If a wealthy person gives money without love, thinking that he is doing a great favour, he is sadly mistaken.
I look up at him and he's smiling so sadly that tears cloud my eyes before I can even look down.
I myself have long hoped to be a minion to Cruella Deville, but sadly my youthful dreams have been to no avail.
I am growing sadly accustomed to his disregard for the views of the people of the town.
they've been sadly neglected
The smiled vanished from his face and he looked sadly down at the book in his hands.
He sighed sadly to the fact that who he was talking to wasn't really there to listen to him.
They started dancing, and I smiled sadly , wishing I had a relationship even half as wonderful as theirs.
I lingered in the doorway sadly , not really reassured by the fact that the usual ice between us was absent.