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sadism / садизм
имя существительное
имя существительное
the tendency to derive pleasure, especially sexual gratification, from inflicting pain, suffering, or humiliation on others.
They include auto-mutilation of her genitals with a razor, voyeurism, taking sexual pleasure in urination, sadism , and masochism.
The Order was founded to collect bright children from the feckless lower orders, and propel them into the middle class by rigorous learning and by rote, enforced by brutality bordering on sadism .
Deviant sexual preference as measured by sexual arousal tests may show evidence of a deviation, but no evidence of severe paraphilias such as sexual sadism .
As Sarkar says, the incitement to violence is suffused with anxiety about virility, and the treatment of women seems to enact a fantasy of sexual sadism far darker than mere revenge.
In addition, it is the treatment of choice for the most serious sexual deviations, such as sexual sadism .
There would be clear evidence of sexual sadism in terms of fantasies, urges, history, and behavior in these cases.
Whilst nowhere near the level of violence and sadism that characterised The Last House On The Left, The Hills Have Eyes is still an astonishingly brutal film.
Whether or not you buy such arguments, it's clear that the issues of cinematic sadism and spectator pleasure/complicity are far from settled.
Man Ray's dalliance with sadism and masochism took place primarily on the theoretical level.
Brutal sadism is not a state of mind exclusive to men made bad by ethnic cleansing - it is the horribly ordinary condition of militarised men made monstrous by war.
This showed that CPA was an effective agent in the treatment of very severe paraphilias, in this case sexual sadism and pedophilia that resulted in a sexually motivated homicide.