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saddler / шорник, седельный мастер, верховая лошадь
имя существительное
седельный мастер
верховая лошадь
riding horse, palfrey, saddler, saddle-horse
имя существительное
someone who makes, repairs, or deals in saddlery.
It's already happening: vets, farriers, nutritionists and saddlers are working together and the benefits of complementary techniques that are backed up by science are being recognised.
John Fry and his wife Elizabeth opened a butcher and baker shop and William Andrews, a saddler of Laura, opened up for business next door.
Initially a saddler by trade, he decided to try his hand at painting after seeing some badly done portraits and thinking he could do better.
In country towns with a population of just a thousand there was likely to be a saddler , blacksmith, coach or implement maker, and grain and fodder merchant, all dependent on the district's horses.
Simon, born in 1589, was brought up to be a saddler , but spent much of his life in the army, in Ireland and on the Continent.
There was another piece of evidence that the defence didn't produce and that was that before the police party set out, a saddler in Mansfield had been engaged to attach straps to the horses' harness for the carrying of corpses.
In the course of my research, I ran across a superb daguerreotype of a saddler wearing a paper bag for a hat.
Louis Braille was born in 1809 at the village of Coupvray, twenty-five miles east of Paris, to a saddler and his wife, who named all their children after kings and queens of France.
Combining Emma's experience as a qualified saddler and John's 15 years as a successful National Hunt rider should be a recipe for success.
James Bake, a Manchester saddler with a keen interest in racing and betting, disposed of his business to become a publican and landlord of the Post Office Hotel, the centre of Manchester betting.
The same legislation will also leave horse owners unable to obtain many commonly used equine products from their local saddler .