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saddle / седло, суппорт, седловина
имя существительное
saddle, col, pigskin
support, carriage, saddle, rest
saddle, col, saddleback
saddle, saddle up
charge, load, saddle
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
a seat fastened on the back of a horse or other animal for riding, typically made of leather and raised at the front and rear.
Proper Tuareg riding saddles are placed in front of the camel's hump and you sit cross-legged with your bare feet resting on the camel's neck.
something resembling a saddle in appearance, function, or position, in particular.
As you position the saddle , take care not to puncture the roofing felt, as this can cause leaks.
a large cut of meat consisting of the two loins.
The rabbit was served as a tiny saddle , loin and liver.
put a saddle on (a horse).
he was in the stable saddling up his horse
Under saddle , your horse will mirror your breathing patterns and the shapes you make with your own body.
Put the saddle on the horse, but don't tighten the girth too much right away.
It's always steaks, chops, saddle of lamb, beef Wellington or hamburgers.
a recipe for saddle of hare
Beyond the summit the hill's E ridge drops down to a saddle from where you can descend N to the head of the Allt Mheuran and a path back to the starting point.
Tommy rides chopper-style, with a low saddle and the handlebar raised as high as possible.
A small shoal of barracuda patrol a saddle in the ridge, but there are not the enormous shoals of barracuda or trevally to be found at Richelieu Rock.
Such a surface cannot be drawn in three dimensions, but it can be imagined as a surface which everywhere has the curvature of a saddle .
The burned floor had one saddle quern against the south wall and another on the west side of the room, both in situ on the surface.
Cochrane returned to the saddle to exercise a horse for trainer James Fanshawe last week.