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sacrament / таинство, символ, обет
имя существительное
sacrament, mystery, ordinance
symbol, character, letter, sign, emblem, sacrament
vow, pledge, profession, sacrament
имя существительное
a religious ceremony or act of the Christian Church that is regarded as an outward and visible sign of inward and spiritual divine grace, in particular.
We are to participate in the life of Christ through the sacraments of the church.
So they spent a million pounds a year to establish the diamond engagement ring as a sacrament - a spiritual thing.
In spite of the human weakness of her members, the Church is a sign, a sacrament filled with Christ's presence, an enduring witness to her own divine origin.
We know him: in our prayer, in the bread and wine of the sacrament , in every gracious word, in smiles of generous welcome and in every moment of joy or beauty that leaves us more whole and human.
Bishop John Fleming will administer the sacrament of Confirmation in Rathlee Church on Saturday next to seventeen students from Rathlee National School.
He often speaks of the mystery of marriage, the dignity of love in marriage, the grace given by the sacrament , and the responsibilities of a married couple.
As sacrament of the word of God, Scripture is more than the words on the page.
The fact that he could be both at once is a basic sacrament in the Christian faith and a theme of Scorsese's film.
The relation between the body of Christ which is the holy Eucharist and the body of Christ which is his Church passes through the sacrament of holy orders.
he heard Mass and received the sacrament
It's viewed somewhat differently in today's Catholicism, and Lutherans and Catholics now agree on ‘the real presence’ of Christ in the sacrament .