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sacral / сакральный, крестцовый, ритуальный
имя прилагательное
ritual, sacral
имя прилагательное
of, for, or relating to sacred rites or symbols.
sacral horns of a Minoan type
of or relating to the sacrum.
Occasionally, a half-vertebra is found in the thoracic and lumbar regions and very rarely in cervical and sacral vertebrae.
It then forms an S-curve in the pelvis and terminates in the rectum at the level of the third segment of the sacral vertebrae.
This section passes through the fourth sacral vertebra and sacral hiatus and the os ilium at the sciatic notch.
Once the town and surrounding villages had been cleansed of non-Catholics, non-Catholic sacral sites and other areas associated with Serb or Ottoman culture were destroyed.
From the social functions of the elite, which many people follow in the popular press, to the promotion of public causes, to royal weddings, the monarchy's representatives lend an almost sacral quality to public life.
Internal space was organized around the fireplace below the roof opening, and a richly engraved central column played both a functional and a sacral role.
The danger could never finally be set aside because it lies in the nature of Christianity itself, in the eternal tension between its temporal and its sacral self-interpretation.
Yet that those gods whose inevitable death Walcott laments have lost their sacral force is not at all a foregone conclusion.
Soft tissue ependymoma may develop posterior to the sacrum and coccyx or anterior to the sacral region.
In the pelvis, the sacral component innervates the bladder and rectum, where it mediates voiding.
The Orthodox Church's willingness to enlist the state on its behalf, and in turn to offer sacral endorsement of the state's policies, has deep psychological and historical roots.