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sackful / полный мешок
имя существительное
полный мешок
sackful, bagful
имя существительное
the quantity of something contained in a sack.
a sackful of rice
While all this was under way, out of the white dimness came the contractor, carrying four wooden stakes, a heavy sackful of something, and two bottles of sake; and knowing exactly what to do.
I insist on being read each and every one, so that I may duly reward each well-wisher with a sackful of sugar beets from the Zweibel ancestral home in Prussia.
Only a man with a dodgy moustache, a sinister glint in his eye and a sackful of puppies in the boot of his car is likely to raise their suspicions.
a sackful of rice
a sackful of rice
The guard, who had been speaking frantically into some kind of communicating device, fell like a sackful of potatoes.
The contingent from the Royal Regiment - formerly the Lancashire Fusiliers - brought a sackful of cuddly toys to hand out as presents.
A ballad that Thompson plays live tells Shakespeare's tale of the King of France sending Henry V a sackful of tennis balls, insinuating that he should be playing games, not fighting wars.
A sackful of medals followed, and his partnership with John Toshack is still talked about by misty-eyed Liverpool fans even today.
A gang of Chinese immigrants, face deportation after being caught stealing sackfuls of protected cockles from a Scottish beach.