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sackcloth / мешковина, холст, власяница
имя существительное
sackcloth, sacking, bagging
canvas, linen, scrim, cloth, sackcloth, crash
hair shirt, sackcloth, haircloth
имя существительное
a very coarse, rough fabric woven from flax or hemp.
Canvas is popular because it's light, rigid, yet elastic at the same time. Canvas can be made from sackcloth , cotton (most popular), synthetic, a combination of materials or even smooth linen.
At the end of a bout he, accompanied by Gravrak on one side and the ever-present Reppi on the other, would stumble back to his ‘room’ and collapse on the dirty pile of sackcloth that now served as his bed.
Perennials can be protected with sackcloth and placed in an area where they are less exposed to the elements.
Once again, they had to repair; the material on the seat become more and more primitive, resembling a blue sackcloth compared to the imitation denim all around it.
In the mid-17th century Quakers went ‘naked for a sign’, but they often turn out to have been wearing sackcloth coats - ‘naked’ here means without shoes, hats or outer garments.
Her leggings and sleeveless shirt, both made of cheap sackcloth , were caked with dirt, though in this light and from this distance he couldn't tell whether or not there was blood on her garments.
And she… she was decked out in the same sackcloth shirt and leggings that she had been wearing since they'd left Xykrull.
A strange sackcloth mask with two slit-like eyeholes is pulled over his head.
The feel of the dark silk against his skin was welcome after the years of coarse sackcloth , and having the weight of the chains taken away lifted his spirits.
The amputated arm lay on the grass near Haru, and when she finished, Haru turned around and wrapped the arm in sackcloth .
The statue has been covered in sackcloth in central Bangalore for more than a decade because of opposition from some Kannada organisations.