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sack / мешок, сак, куль
имя существительное
bag, sack, sac, pocket, purse, bagful
sack, sac, sacque
dismiss, fire, retire, lay off, discharge, sack
rob, plunder, loot, pillage, despoil, sack
отдавать на разграбление
имя существительное
a large bag made of a strong material such as burlap, thick paper, or plastic, used for storing and carrying goods.
Each one, after scrutiny, found something of value to add to his sack : paper, plastic bags, bits of cardboard.
a loose, unfitted, or shapeless garment, in particular.
The plain green dress was a good few sizes too big for her and hung off her petite frame like a big shapeless sack .
bed, especially as regarded as a place for sex.
Oh, and I bet you I am SO much better in the sack than her.
dismissal from employment.
he got the sack for swearing
a base.
If they finish the year first in pilfered sacks , it would be the first time since 1938 that the Bronx Bombers led in this category.
dismiss from employment.
any official found to be involved would be sacked on the spot
go to sleep or bed.
After getting hardly any sleep the night before, he had been dying to crawl into bed and sack out , but no matter how tired he was, sleep eluded him.
tackle (a quarterback) behind the line of scrimmage before he can throw a pass.
Next down, he charged around the left tackle and sacked the quarterback for a safety.
put into a sack or sacks.
Packing sheds were constructed for growers to sort and sack the potatoes for shipment.
(chiefly in historical contexts) plunder and destroy (a captured town, building, or other place).
Then, an army of warriors and men dressed in black cowls came from the direction of Plunder castle and sacked the town.
Naturally, Miranda rebelled and eventually got the sack for not getting behind the leader.
Each one, after scrutiny, found something of value to add to his sack : paper, plastic bags, bits of cardboard.
I suppose it's hard to score with chicks when you roll up to them on a 10-speed rocking a sack of Ikea catalogues.
Yet after wine and mead and sack , man must have a massive snack.
They pick you based on looks and how quickly you'll hop in the sack with them.
Sure, he was hot in the sack when the two of you were together, but is it possible that the sex was spectacular then because you were emotionally invested?
That doesn't mean you sit around for two years staring at each other's watches waiting for the chance to hop in the sack .
We took a sack of rice, vegetables and biscuits.
Chuck Walsh conquered every player he went up against and was able to sack Windsor's quarterback twice.
In the Middle Ages many Alsace wines were fortified or spiced in order to compete with the fuller bodied Mediterranean wines such as sack and malmsey.