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sachem / вождь, заправила, политический босс
имя существительное
leader, chief, chieftain, head, headman, sachem
sachem, wheeler and dealer, wheeler-dealer, higher-up
политический босс
sagamore, sachem
имя существительное
(among some American Indian peoples) a chief or leader.
The leading sachem Massasoit told them that the population had been destroyed by a sickness.
These issues came to a head in March 1675 when a Christian Indian informed authorities of the Plymouth Colony that the Wampanoag sachem , Metacom (‘King Philip’ to the English), was plotting all-out war.
The leading sachem Massasoit told them that the population had been destroyed by a sickness.
In fact there are cases where Indians cheated other Indians by claiming the rights to sell land and transferring all the land of another sachem or tribe to the English.
Among the Five Nations or League of the Iroquois, the sachem was a formally recognized social role, which was an elected position and, more significantly, limited to men.
Thus it is impossible (unless new evidence is forthcoming) to either confirm or deny the validity of this powerful and persuasive message placed in the mouth of an Indian sachem .
He claimed that all the others in his group were burned at the stake, but that he was saved and married by a sachem 's widowed daughter, whose dowry included European scalps.
Each appointed a sachem and deputy to the tribal council.
a Mafia sachem
Like the sachem of the Iroquois and the Lakota of the Plains, Hawaiian chiefs, too, had to adapt to survive and compete against the European intruders, and did so with some success.
The Hall of the Lost Tribes - a smoke-free gaming room - features the marks of sachems of thirteen extinct Connecticut Indian tribes culled from seventeenth- and eighteenth-century documents.