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saccharine / сахарин
имя существительное
saccharin, saccharine
имя прилагательное
sugar, sugary, saccharine
saccharine, schmaltzy, mawkish, mushy, sickly, keepsake
sugary, saccharine
имя прилагательное
excessively sweet or sentimental.
But very often the sentiments expressed are saccharine .
relating to or containing sugar; sugary.
Just as remarkable is the gingery, tart-sweet plum sauce (usually a saccharine affair) served with Republic Square's miniature fried egg rolls.
The homemade desserts are far less saccharine than a lot of Indian sweets.
With its orchestral arrangements, dragging tempos and saccharine delivery, it seems less like pop music than easy listening.
She did not seem to mind the cloying saccharine smell as she briskly walked past rows of incapacitated men, they heads so filled with the narcotic fumes that it was a miracle that they were still alive.
Somewhere in Time is so sweet that it becomes saccharine , so serious that it becomes self-parody, so earnest that it becomes artificial.
Thus the same saccharine solution may be made to undergo either the vinous or the butyric fermentation, according as the yeast plant or another organism, described by Pasteur, is introduced into it.
It is very nice that they love each other and all, but their banter did get a bit saccharine at times.
She has a saccharine smile on her face and her voice is sickly sweet.
Even during his well-documented years of excess, the saccharine sweetness of James Taylor's voice served him well.
Working every angle in a role that could easily have veered into saccharine excess, Portman is indomitable.
The researchers discovered that rats fed on yoghurt sweetened with saccharine ate more calories, gained more weight and put on more body fat than rats that were given yoghurt sweetened with glucose.