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saccharin / сахарин
имя существительное
saccharin, saccharine
имя существительное
a sweet-tasting synthetic compound used in food and drink as a substitute for sugar.
The only non-sugar sweetener at present licensed for use in most countries is saccharin , a synthetic substance made from coal tar.
Concluding that the animal studies aren't applicable to humans, the government removed saccharin from its official list of cancer-causing agents earlier this year.
Are saccharin , formaldehyde insulation, pesticides, PCBs and bovine growth hormone perfectly safe?
Hence, doctors have to pay special attention to prescribe sugar-free solutions (containing such non-cariogenic sweeteners as xylitol, saccharin , and sorbitol) whenever possible.
An ex-editor of Food Technology in NZ, with a recent degree in human nutrition, she was not keen on artificial sweeteners like saccharin and aspartame and wanted a natural product.
It is not saccharin nor aspartame, but a relatively new product, having only been introduced to America in 1998.
‘While it's reasonable to question natural ingredients as well, I won't use artificial colors and sweeteners, saccharin or preservatives if I have an alternative,’ he says.
The rats exhibited behavioral changes even when sugar was replaced with the artificial sweetener saccharin .
But rats will also learn to prefer sugar over saccharin when they can't taste the flavors in their mouths - when the researchers infuse the syrupy stuff directly into their bellies.
Most mainstream toothpastes and mouthwashes contain artificial flavors and colors, saccharin , bleaches and other synthetic ingredients that can have adverse effects on oral - and overall - health.
Pressure groups have asked the government to ban aspartame and saccharin and hydrogenated fat and oil from our foods and their response has been that there isn't enough conclusive evidence.