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sabre-rattling / бряцание оружием
имя существительное
бряцание оружием
sabre-rattling, flag-waving
Putin's occasional sabre-rattling against NATO does not make him an anti-imperialist as konkret implies with its reference to the ‘semi-colonial status’ of Russia.
Instead of tailoring their protest in a manner that would attract sympathy and understanding they used a method that smacked of defiance, arrogance and impotent sabre-rattling .
Nevertheless, in subsequent decades it became a primary focus for Communist Chinese sabre-rattling , with Communist China periodically conducting regular military manoeuvres nearby.
But what does get through to him is sabre-rattling - unaesthetic and ugly belligerence.
sabre-rattling by the superpowers
This time, the rabble-rousing and sabre-rattling didn't work.
Dudayev became the avatar of Chechen independence, and was elected president in October 1991 amid warnings and sabre-rattling by Moscow.
The West's preference for sabre-rattling over genuine aid could have even more catastrophic consequences if human rights campaigner Eric Reeves' estimates of the numbers of refugees in western Sudan are correct.
Actions that serve to legitimize nuclear weapons and their testing make little sense except to bolster a nation's military ego, and engage in senseless and dangerous sabre-rattling .
Indeed, so confident is Indian big business of its new economic prowess that it believes it will be better able to suborn Pakistan through the establishment of a South Asian free trade than by the BJP's sabre-rattling .