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rwanda / Руанда
имя существительное
имя существительное
a landlocked country in central Africa, north of Burundi and south of Uganda; population 10,746,300 (est. 2009); capital, Kigali; languages, Rwanda (a Bantu language) and French (both official). Official name Rwandese Republic.
A key area of work is to remove the stigma from people of mixed ethnicity and from mixed marriages by creating a common history for all Rwandans .
This ‘work’ was organized by state officials whom Rwandans were accustomed to seeing in positions of authority.
In particular he claimed that whole units with equipment had been ‘recruited’ to strengthen the rebel forces now estimated by the Rwandans at about 10,000.
The commemoration should be used by the Rwandese as an occasion for the whole populace to unite and re-dedicate themselves to peaceful co-existence regardless of ethnic affiliation.
The game was finally restarted, with the result going the Rwandans' way (Mossi's juju keeping the ball from his team's net, despite the assault).
It's important not just for the Rwandese , but for all humanity.
Bishops, priests and nuns, both Rwandese and foreign, were involved in Rwanda's politics.
Though their search for Rwandans soldiers came up empty, U.N. peacekeepers say that there is circumstantial evidence that at some point, Rwandans forces were here.
the capital of Rwanda
A Rwandese lady, having discovered Sheila's nationality, felt sorry for Sheila coming from a land ravaged by war for almost 30 years.