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rut / колея, привычка, охота
имя существительное
track, gauge, rut, tread, furrow
habit, wont, custom, practice, way, rut
hunting, hunt, chase, shoot, shooting, rut
проводить борозды
оставлять колеи
быть в охоте
имя существительное
a long deep track made by the repeated passage of the wheels of vehicles.
This resulted in deep ruts and heavy vehicle tyre tracks leaving it looking like a ploughed field.
a habit or pattern of behavior that has become dull and unproductive but is hard to change.
the administration was stuck in a rut and was losing its direction
an annual period of sexual activity in deer and some other mammals, during which the males fight each other for access to the females.
Kidney mass thus increases in males from the stressful rut period in early winter to the summer months.
engage in rutting.
a rutting stag
Guarding males are thought to forage less during the rut than do nonguarding males, possibly leading to greater fitness costs.
Stuck in a rut and earning a pittance in a hilariously misconceived Dublin production of Shakespeare's Richard III, the pair are rooted in the grim realities of a business based on illusions, and are at an all time low.
Trout will continue to feed on salmon fry; moose will battle during rut season; forests will erupt in a volcanic splendor of color late every fall.
For stags the season was set to coincide with the rut , the time of year when they are most active and impressive and, according to estate owners, represent the finest sporting quarry.
This is not unlike getting wheels stuck in mud, and spinning them until the rut is deeper.
He had been standing at the back of the float surrounded by presents when the front wheel dropped into a deep rut and he was thrown to the ground.
Lust-crazed stags in rut are spotted by intrepid early - birds on the Skye Deck, as seals and otters play in the foamy waters off the Summer Isles.
The annual rut , or breeding cycle, peaks in deep South Texas during late December, and cold conditions will coincide with the movement.
Older bulls lose their antlers in December, following the rut , while the younger males may keep theirs as late as February.
At senior level, permanent staff who feel stuck in a rut often enter the contract market looking for a change in their job role and a better quality of life.