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rusty / ржавый, заржавленный, заржавевший
имя прилагательное
rusty, ferruginous
rusty, rustle
rusty, rustle
hoarse, raucous, husky, breathy, throaty, rusty
stir, rusty
имя прилагательное
(of a metal object) affected by rust.
a rusty hinge
(of knowledge or a skill) impaired by lack of recent practice.
my typing is a little rusty
It was a vast, barren desert of rusty brown with countless rocks of all shapes and sizes littering its surface.
His shaggy black hair was now slowly changing to a rusty reddish brown color, almost his natural color.
Her voice sounded rusty , and it took her two attempts to regain her feet.
The reason is the metal's become so rusty that it's too thin and people's weight would make the leaks worse.
Clearly, his knowledge of the subject is a tad rusty .
When a car has a steel fuel tank, as yours does, it will eventually start to rust and small bits of rusty metal and flaked paint will collect at the lowest point in the tank.
The stenciled-on eagles looked old already, being colored a rusty brown and painted on by the strange elementary-goers.
Yet their colors differ, ranging from a greenish-yellow to a rusty brown.
The famous altar at which the prophesies were made by pouring wine in a blazing fire and divining on the smoke can still be seen as a large rusty brown circle in the stone.
It's no wonder our crosswind ability is often one of our first pilot skills to get rusty , making it a major cause of flying accidents.