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rusticate / рустовать, прививать простые манеры, удаляться в деревню
прививать простые манеры
удаляться в деревню
go to, live in, or spend time in the country.
After rusticating in Kigezi from 1978 to 1981, he migrated to Nairobi for professional reasons.
fashion (masonry) in large blocks with sunk joints and a roughened surface.
the stable block was built of rusticated stone
suspend (a student) from a university as a punishment (used chiefly at Oxford and Cambridge).
How is it that all the students who were rusticated were Dalits?
Besides the fine, Proctors can refer the case of any student who admits breaking University regulations to the Court of Summary Jurisdiction, which is able to impose a penalty of £500, or rusticate the member for three terms.
Evans attempted to rusticate himself at his much embellished mud hut ‘Loggerheads' overlooking Rothbury.
a place to rusticate while other people made the decisions
His predilection for gray-greens, gray-pinks, pale ochers, browns, blacks and a luminous cobalt blue call up archaic Mediterranean origins, rusticated walls and early Italian frescoes.
That house was built with untreated rimu, with the cladding of the time, which was rusticated weatherboard, with eaves, with sash windows, and a corrugated iron roof.
This was an attempt to suggest respectability, an effect emphasised by a large, rusticated entrance arch.
This was a terrible place where unspeakable things were done, but the facade was magnificent: a truly Sublime monumental rusticated Classical composition which powerfully symbolised its intimidating function.
But, since I've been at Lincoln, three people have been rusticated and now there is a fourth.
There's ornament in columns and cornices, rustication and pilasters, urns, anthemia, and pediments, with temples and colonnades high in the sky, topped by spires and finials.
Details such as the rusticated stone of the entrance wall and the fact that this is carried through into the interior show the degree of care accorded by the designers.