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rustic / деревенский, сельский, простоватый
имя прилагательное
rustic, rural, country, hillbilly, countrified, russet
rural, country, rustic, bucolic, peasant, Arcadian
имя существительное
peasant, rustic, countryman, plowman, cottager, hind
сельский житель
villager, countryman, rustic, bucolic
имя прилагательное
of or relating to the countryside; rural.
constructed or made in a plain and simple fashion, in particular.
имя существительное
an unsophisticated country person.
Now he was like some Steven King rustic , issuing cryptic wisdom from the porch to a tourist who just wants directions to the hotel.
You can buy fantastic rustic style six foot fencing from B&Q cheap enough to encircle the whole garden.
Instead it reminds us that men such as Dabney were hardly rustic provincials.
The rustic country architecture and furnishings feel very south-of-France.
A hard, pre-manufactured material, brick gives a rustic and casual feel to the space.
However, producing these two rustic finishes creates minute fissures in the stone, thereby increasing its liquid absorption and its retention of dirt and pollutants.
Old stone foundations are visible in the winter, remnants of a time when life was rustic and full of hardship.
Finster has often been presented by the mass media as a hillbilly rustic who was ‘discovered’ and promoted to stardom by a few well-placed figures in the art world.
It's hard to credit it now, but there was a time within living memory when we tried to lure foreign tourists with romantic images of whitewashed cottages and rustic simplicity.
The idea for upscale rustic cuisine came to him in the most ideal of places - at Louie's Backyard looking out over the ocean in Key West.
In other poems Marvell describes youths both male and female, both rustic and sophisticated.