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russet / простой, деревенский, красновато-коричневый
имя прилагательное
plain, simple, ordinary, elementary, idle, russet
rustic, rural, country, hillbilly, countrified, russet
ferruginous, puce, rufous, russet, sorrel, auburn
имя существительное
красновато-коричневый цвет
bronze, hazel, puce, russet
желтовато-коричневый цвет
russet, tan, camel, cinnamon
имя прилагательное
reddish brown in color.
gardens of russet and gold chrysanthemums
rustic; homely.
имя существительное
a reddish-brown color.
the woods in autumn are a riot of russet and gold
a dessert apple of a variety with a slightly rough greenish-brown skin.
Grandfather sold the russets and the codlings and the pippins from his orchard, and those he didn't sell he stored in his pristine white-washed cellar, where huge black hams and sides of bacon were hanging from black hooks.
a coarse homespun reddish-brown or gray cloth used for simple clothing.
They see a plain country-fellow well and cleanly apparelled, either in a coat of homespun russet , or of frieze.
make or become russet in color.
Often, however, only the calyx end of the fruit is russet ed.
A boy of about nineteen years patted the flank of a dark russet brown horse with a black mane and tail.
We're thinking we might be able to compromise on russet .
It was early September and the bushes were a dazzling palette of scarlet, orange, russet , blue and green.
In the fall, look for the trees to turn russet , bronze, or deep red.
Some perennials change their leaves to gold or russet in autumn, while others stay evergreen, thus making the garden enjoyable and adding interest in the fall and winter months.
And, as the seasons change, so do the colours - carpets of yellow daffodils in the spring to the russet browns and reds of autumn, so now is a great time to visit.
The trees were all shades of russet , gold, and jade.
The rising sun was behind her, still barely a glow over the horizon turning the streamers of clouds above it russet and gold.
Horsemen mount, to hasten their dawn-lit stock through a wood of russet and silver.
Often, however, only the calyx end of the fruit is russet ed.