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runup / разбег, заход на цель, пуск
имя существительное
running start, run-up, feeze
заход на цель
run, run-up
start, starting, launching, triggering, run-up
имя существительное
a marked rise in the value or level of something.
a sharp run-up of land and stock prices
the period preceding a notable event.
an acrimonious run-up to legislative elections
an act of running briefly to gain momentum before performing a jump in track and field or other sports.
high jumper Steve Smith will use his shortened five-stride run-up
an act of running an engine or turbine to prepare it for use or to test it.
After the new propeller was installed, an engine run-up was conducted with no mechanical anomalies.
a low approach shot that bounces and runs forward.
A lot of players are already using the 3-wood from the fringe and on run-up shots.