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runner / бегун, бегунок, дорожка
имя существительное
runner, chaser, muller, edge stone
runner, traveler, roller, traveller
track, path, lane, walkway, pathway, runner
rotor, runner
runner, skid, racer, coluber
имя существительное
a person who runs, especially in a specified way.
Mary was a fast runner
a person who smuggles specified goods into or out of a country or area.
a drug-runner
a rod, groove, or blade on which something slides.
a shoot, typically leafless, that grows from the base of a plant along the surface of the ground and can take root at points along its length.
This way, plants can concentrate all of their energy on producing strong roots and far-stretching runners .
a long, narrow rug or strip of carpet, especially for a hall or stairway.
Sliding down the hallway on a carpet runner , Scott came to a screeching halt beside his little sister and reached down to take her hand.
A runner was sent to an army listening post, which contacted the Ambassador in Kathmandu, who telegraphed London.
trying to determine whether a tax on books is a runner
a marathon runner
a faded runner held in place with brass stair rods
Imagine a marathon runner crossing the finish line and then being told he has to run an additional 10 miles - uphill.
In desperation, the Greek army sent a runner in full battle gear to tell the Senate the news.
As stated at the start Barry wasn't the fastest runner from the Newry area.
Mary was a fast runner
He may not be the fastest runner next weekend, but he'll give it his best shot, rugby match or no rugby match.
Space the runner along the rod so it drapes gently between the rings.