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rundown / краткое изложение, сокращение численности, сокращение количества
имя существительное
краткое изложение
summary, rundown, abridgement, digest, precis, abridgment
сокращение численности
сокращение количества
имя существительное
an analysis or summary of something by a knowledgeable person.
he gave his teammates a rundown on the opposition
a reduction in the productivity or activities of a company or institution.
a rundown in the business would be a devastating blow to the local economy
an attempt by two or more fielders to tag out a base runner who is trapped between two bases.
he was caught in a rundown and tagged out by the shortstop
имя прилагательное
(especially of a building or area) in a poor or neglected state after having been prosperous.
a run-down, vandalized inner-city area
tired and somewhat unwell, especially through overwork.
feeling tired and generally run-down
Britain is recruiting far and wide to prop up its rundown national health system, from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, China, and the Philippines.
My residents gave me a rundown on what was going on.
Deptford has won £12m to improve a rundown health centre, through a new Public Private Partnership.
Every kind of business, from rundown corner markets to the Gucci storefront on South Peters Street, has been looted.
So, just for the record, here's a rundown on who have been City's top performers over the festive period.
A Tafe marine lecturer ave the interested visitors a rundown on the crayfish industry such as the best spot to catch crayfish and how crayfish cost.
I would give her a rundown on all the other presents I'd received, how Daddy let me ice the cake, how the lake froze over and we were allowed to skate.
If you're interested in a loooong walk down memory lane, follow the link below and allow us to give you a rundown on the last year of blogging.
Nothing came of that plan except for several small commercial developments, and Randburg slipped down the steady slope to becoming an untidy, rundown business and shopping area.
He hit a grounder that third baseman fumbled, but he was trapped in a rundown and the Cubs got him.