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runaway / побег, беглец, дезертир
имя существительное
escape, shoot, runaway, flight, sprout, getaway
fugitive, runaway, escapee, refugee, outlaw
deserter, defector, fugitive, runaway, slacker, rat
имя прилагательное
fluent, runaway, cursory, fugitive, escaped, passing
irrepressible, uncontrollable, runaway, elemental
имя существительное
a person who has run away, especially from their family or an institution.
The number of adults who desert their families is sharply increasing, while that of teenage runaways is steadily decreasing.
The soldiers had only just dismounted and stopped the runaway horse by the time he arrived on the scene, and the animal was still shuffling nervously.
He recreates the 1960s in this true-life tale of a teenage runaway 's audacious trail of trickery.
When she realizes the hitch-hiking boy is a runaway who's been severely beaten, her caring for him brings into focus the future course of her life.
His eyes closed as he held his breath, trying to regain control of his runaway thoughts.
a runaway train
He immediately took another mare in search of the runaway horse.
All of this was based on tales he'd heard, and some of them were clearly situations that could not have happened in the Yukon, but they were a runaway success.
You'll laugh just as much at the elevator scene as you'll gasp at the runaway train sequence.
This is why efforts since last year to control runaway growth have not succeeded.
The fund's argument in the case of Brazil and Russia was that if the currency was devalued, the result would be runaway inflation.