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runaround / увиливание от ответа
имя существительное
увиливание от ответа
имя существительное
difficult or awkward treatment, especially in which someone is evasive or avoids a question.
the times he got the runaround looking for work
A gypsy convoy is giving the council the runaround .
But when she approached her client about the payment, she got the runaround .
they are being given the runaround by the Defence Ministry
The policemen guarding the entrance to the compound don't seem to like the look of me, and despite the best efforts of my interpreter, it's clear that I am being given the runaround .
the times he got the runaround looking for work
For years, UN inspectors were given the runaround until they gave up.
When I asked the council and Bradford Vision what had become of the supplement I was given the runaround .
Man mountain Matt has risen from the Fourth Division to the heart of Scotland's defence, but he was given the runaround by City when at Oxford.
After trying to give him the runaround , he and the officers agreed to his request.
He says he personally booked the grounds, and cannot understand the runaround his team was given by the Technikon authorities.