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run-through / просмотр, прослушивание, репетиция
имя существительное
scan, review, browsing, revise, supervision, run-through
listening, audition, run-through
rehearsal, repetition, run-through, try-out
имя существительное
a rehearsal.
a run-through of the whole show
a brief outline or summary.
the textbooks provide a run-through of research findings
So, we sat around drinking coffee while the technical people hit things with hammers and got the cameras lined up, and waited for him to arrive so we could do a run-through of the script.
Since I stopped assisting him I have always helped in some small way with the casting and preparation of his shows, and at the very least recently I will have seen a run-through in the rehearsal room.
On tape day, Dean would come in, watch a run-through with the stand-in, then go out and replicate the stand-in's actions.
a run-through of the whole show
At the moment we're standing at the end of D Block, we're just about to have a run-through and talk to some of these people about the prices they're achieving on their fruit and vegetables this morning.
a run-through of the whole show
Keep it simple and, if you can, make the time the week before to have a practice run-through .
Nasa conducted a second fueling test Friday on space shuttle Discovery to try to figure out why sensors and a valve did not work properly during a previous run-through .
‘We have just had an orchestral run-through and the orchestra was fantastic,’ he said.
After a brisk run-through of key terms - they include scansion, rhyme, caesura, verse - he proceeds to a series of Shakespearean speeches for analysis, which form the main section here.