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run-off / сбегать, убегать, забежать
run off, run down, run away, vanish
run away, escape, run, run off, skidoo, outrun
run in, run off, drop in
имя существительное
a further competition, election, race, etc., after a tie or inconclusive result.
the draining away of water (or substances carried in it) from the surface of an area of land, a building or structure, etc..
Furthermore, there are concerns about the pollution of the water system caused by run-off from these sites.
The catchments of these basins may have a very large surface area, collecting run-off from a vast region.
fertilizer run-off from the intensively farmed areas in the river basin
he won only 49 per cent of the vote, so a run-off will be held
Where data does exist it may fail to consider current risks such as increased rainfall due to climate change or increased run-off of water from land due to deforestation or the drainage of wetlands.
Since there are no rivers in Shetland, there is very little fresh water run-off in the voes (small fjords), and the chances of farmed salmon escaping up the rivers are negligible.
In addition, the mulch improves soil quality over time, minimizing water waste caused by run-off and evaporation.
Public opinion polls predict no outright winner, raising the chances of a run-off election in two weeks most probably between he and the chief of the Democratic Party.
The increased phosphorus is arising from run-off from agricultural land and farmyards as well as from municipal and industrial effluent discharges.
Water on even the most pristine golf courses can contain excess nutrients and organic matter from fertilizer run-off , grass clippings and leaves.