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rumpus / шум, суматоха, ссора
имя существительное
noise, sound, uproar, din, clamor, rumpus
turmoil, bustle, ado, flurry, clutter, rumpus
quarrel, row, altercation, contention, bickering, rumpus
имя существительное
a noisy disturbance; a commotion.
he caused a rumpus with his flair for troublemaking
It is also good to see that police have already taken action against some of their men who were involved in the rumpus at the Chikwa courts.
Perhaps mindful of the rumpus which had occurred between them the previous day, the referee warned him three times for not making enough effort to allow his opponent a clear view of the ball.
he caused a rumpus with his flair for troublemaking
Students entering the dining hall made an eager rumpus .
Despite the rumpus , it's business as usual with the side to play England still stuffed full of players born and bred outwith these borders and in many cases playing their rugby outside Scotland.
Ordinary shareholders will have to cause a rumpus at the annual general meetings to force real accountability and change.
He recalled: ‘There had been a bit of a rumpus going on and then I heard him shouting for help.’
Unfortunately amidst the rumpus I'd lost Richard and his friends.
That was a genuine abuse of her position, yet it caused less of a fuss than the present rumpus .
The story that caused the rumpus is still cloudy.