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rumple / мять, приводить в беспорядок, ерошить волосы
crush, crumple, rumple, crease, wrinkle, tumble
приводить в беспорядок
disorder, derange, disarrange, clutter, disturb, rumple
ерошить волосы
give a creased, ruffled, or disheveled appearance to.
a rumpled bed
имя существительное
an untidy state.
she left her clothes in a rumple on the floor
His blonde hair was rumpled from sleep, and there was still a touch of drowsiness in his eyes.
His dark hair was slightly rumpled from tossing in his sleep, and his cheeks were a rosy color.
There were black circles around his eyes, and his suit was rumpled , as if he'd been sleeping in it.
He yawned, leaning back in his chair and rumpling his hair.
His hair was a bit rumpled and his eyes perhaps tired, but otherwise, he appeared the same.
He rumpled my hair, a rare show of affection, and nudged me toward the car.
He just looks like a regular guy, maybe a little rumpled , sipping his coffee.
His clothes were rumpled and looked like they'd been slept in more than once.
She sighed as, at long last, she fell into her bed, not even noticing the fact that the sheets were rumpled .