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rump / огузок, крестец, охвостье
имя существительное
rump, aitchbone, rear
sacrum, rump
имя существительное
the hind part of the body of a mammal or the lower back of a bird.
They have a strongly undulating flight pattern, and they can be easily identified in flight by this pattern and their prominent white rumps .
a small or unimportant remnant of something originally larger.
once the profitable enterprises have been sold the unprofitable rump will be left
The rump states of Hungary and Austria survived, though their small size encouraged large-scale resentment and the rise of Fascism in subsequent years.
he slapped the horse on the rump
David has tried to explain things, but unfortunately, there's a lot of people in our party who don't want things explained and there's a rump who won't face the facts of political life.
Having been reduced to a rump of six seats in 1999, the Nationals have made a desperate bid for survival by refusing to sign a coalition agreement with the Liberals.
We are reliably informed that the Senate may take up the bill in its rump session, scheduled to start Tuesday.
A rump force of 200 is holed up in a town near the Iranian border.
Frantic efforts by the rump Soviet state to reform its armed forces and rebuild its shattered economy resulted in a remarkable revival in the later part of 1942.
All the men speak repeatedly of the dismemberment of Yugoslavia but only the Serbs continue to call their rump state by that name.
The party moved from a landslide majority with 400 seats in 1906 to a rump of 40 MPs just eighteen years later.
The upshot will be a two-class university system, with elite institutions for those who can afford to pay, and poorly-funded rump universities for the rest.