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rumour / слух, молва, толки
имя существительное
hearing, rumor, hearsay, ear, talk, report
rumor, fame, hearsay, report, buzz, whisper
talk, rumor, comment, noise, rumour
распространять слухи
spread rumors, rumor, talk, buzz, rumour, tittle-tattle
рассказывать новости
rumor, rumour
имя существительное
a currently circulating story or report of uncertain or doubtful truth.
they were investigating rumors of a massacre
be circulated as an unverified account.
it's rumored that he lives on a houseboat
He said there was no truth to the rumour that he had his vet administer a sedative to his horse before the race.
rumour has it that he will take a year off
Although people have a right to know about info like this, the story is a rumour and hardly credible.
rumour has it that the letter went missing
she's believed to have started the rumour
it's only a rumour
At the same time strong rumors have been circulating among the workforce that the company has already been sold.
The people can't tell rumors from the truth, so they choose what they want to believe.
It is rumoured that the audited figures will reveal a bigger shortfall.
Other rumors circulate about teen stars caught up in a life of drugs and partying.