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rummy / странный, подозрительный, чудной
имя прилагательное
strange, weird, odd, bizarre, curious, rummy
suspicious, suspect, fishy, distrustful, dubious, rummy
strange, oddball, odd, droll, flaky, rummy
имя существительное
rum, rummy, Jamaica
имя существительное
a card game, sometimes played with two decks, in which the players try to form sets and sequences of cards.
As the name suggests, this tile game is related to the card game rummy .
As the week went on he taught her gin, he taught her hearts, he taught her rummy .
As the name suggests, this tile game is related to the card game rummy .
They are confusing me with the rules for all these new variations on rummy .
Only in the meld scoring forms of rummy including 500 Rum, canasta and their relatives is the main aim of the game to form combinations that score points.
As played by Americans, it was a sort of cross between rummy and dominoes involving building walls and then breaking them down.
Ambusch is a card game that combines elements of rummy and poker.
While the men played poker and rummy in the bunk-house I read one of my books in the barn.
Saturday nights after dinner are good times for card games: crazy eights, rummy , old maid, poker, 21.
Afterwards we went in together and ate our soup with the roti and then, in the lantern light by the fire, played rummy for imaginary sums.
Granny would draw the curtains lest the neighbours should spot us playing rummy in her front room.