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ruminate / размышлять, жевать жвачку, раздумывать
reflect, meditate, think, ponder, contemplate, ruminate
жевать жвачку
chew the cud, ruminate, crew the cud
reflect, speculate, ruminate
think deeply about something.
we sat ruminating on the nature of existence
(of a ruminant) chew the cud.
As the cattle paddle, ruminant and ruminating , sociably fussing with flank to flank, they occasionally raise prying muzzles to the horizon where, spectral in the mist and distance out at sea, boats swing to the wind.
The cow needs a balance of physical ingredients in her rumen to get her to ruminate , to slow down the flow of food through the stomach and develop rumen wall muscle tone.
This of course allowed me to ruminate without distraction - and ruminate I did, ending any last chance for sleep.
If you are thinking about the problem for more than five minutes, there is a good chance that you are a ruminator .
Hockney just bought this mirror and it has given him a new impetus to do self-portraits. ‘I usually only draw myself in down periods,’ he says, slowly, ruminatively .
She'd spent a lot of time ruminating on her conversation with the billionaire earlier that morning.
And now you are no doubt ruminating on the results of the General Election.
In particular, the ruminative musings on anthropocentricity are virtually absent.
One attraction of Test cricket is surely the manner in which its narrative can unfold: the plots and subplots that can emerge over five, absorbing days, its contemplative, ruminative nature.
When in a depressed mood, ruminators generate fewer and lower quality solutions to their problems than when they are not in a depressed mood.
In the morning, as I wake up, I start ruminating .