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rumbling / урчание, бурчание
имя существительное
rumbling, muttering, grumbling
имя существительное
a continuous deep, resonant sound.
the rumbling of wheels in the distance
имя прилагательное
making or constituting a deep resonant sound.
a rumbling ancient air conditioner
make a continuous deep, resonant sound.
thunder rumbled, lightning flickered
take part in a street fight between gangs or large groups.
the five of them rumbled with the men in the other car
discover (an illicit activity or its perpetrator).
it wouldn't need a genius to rumble my little game
Everything seemed to go quiet, save for the distant rumbling of thunder.
Jonathan was interrupted by a deep rumbling sound that came from behind the vehicle.
Suddenly, a deep rumbling broke her concentration, and her heart jumped into her throat.
He thought he heard a rumbling sound, a deep voice coming from somewhere far away.
A familiar low rumbling sounded above the running water.
It was slightly deep but it definitely had a rumbling sound to it.
Over the noise came a deep rumbling , like the engines of several bulldozers.
There were shouts in the distance, a rumbling sound like heavy machinery.
A slight rumbling in her stomach reminded her to eat.
There was a rumbling sound in the distance so Richard got up to see what was happening.