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rumble / грохот, громыхание, ропот
имя существительное
riddle, screen, bolt, crash, din, rumble
murmur, grumble, clamor, rumble, clamour
rumble, rattle, crash, roll, din, grumble
rumble, lumber, lumber along, lumber past, thunder, lumber by
rumble, wamble
имя существительное
a continuous deep, resonant sound like distant thunder.
the steady rumble of traffic
a street fight between gangs or large groups.
Ponyboy looks at the other boys who join his gang for the rumble .
make a continuous deep, resonant sound.
thunder rumbled, lightning flickered
take part in a street fight between gangs or large groups.
the five of them rumbled with the men in the other car
discover (an illicit activity or its perpetrator).
it wouldn't need a genius to rumble my little game
From somewhere in the distance comes an ominous rumble of thunder, barely perceptible over the nearby lawnmower.
He told me of the gang fights he experienced as a boy, including one memorable rumble when he was chased by a knife wielding opponent.
A distant rumble arose from downriver as we gathered speed.
Kirkby Stephen's heavy goods vehicle ban is being ignored by heavy trucks that rumble through the town at night, parish councillors heard this week.
The rumble was quickly controlled by nearby officers and my attention returned to more important matters.
The rain only lasted thirty minutes, but thunder continued to rumble for hours afterwards.
Ponyboy looks at the other boys who join his gang for the rumble .
Late in the evening, freight cars rumble past, lumbering along in the wake of the engine's distant whistle.
The deep rumble of tanks could be felt through the earth.
Tensions and emotions ran high as both gangs headed for the chosen rumble spot at the football field.