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rumba / румба
имя существительное
танцевать румбу
dance the rumba.
They've spun, tangoed, waltzed, rumbaed , salsaed, funked, jazzed, hip-hopped and twirled their little hearts out and now they're sashaying off into the sunset in an hour-long final.
имя существительное
a rhythmic dance with Spanish and African elements, originating in Cuba.
In the 1930s and '40s, the rumba , which originated in Cuba, became popular in America and Europe.
The scene where the dancers build a little tropical hut and dance a joyous rumba inside it is still talked about.
The most popular music in Africa in the XXth century was Soukous, derived from the Cuban rumba .
The energetic quartet fuses rap and hip hop with traditional rumba , son and guaguanco, embodying the future of socially conscious music in Latin America.
Culturally, our riches extend far beyond the celebrated African- and Spanish-influenced rhythms of calypso, reggae, dancehall, salsa, rumba , merengue, or son.
The most popular sound is rumba music from the Congo, but there is an appreciation of the traditional tribal songs and sounds.
they glide around the dance floor doing the cha-cha, rumba, or waltz
Within each category there are dance styles such as waltz, mambo, cha-cha, and rumba .
They enjoy completing crossword puzzles together and up until a couple of years ago were still doing the rumba , tango, waltz and foxtrot at the Town Hall.
Latin dances - mambo, cha-cha, rumba , samba, tango, and so on - are Afro-Euro forms defined by the coming together of black, brown, and white peoples in the Americas.
Some of the better dancers among the youngsters are experts not only in folk and traditional dances, but also in ballroom dances like foxtrot, quickstep, waltz and tango, to say nothing of Latin dances such as rumba , samba, jive and salsa.