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ruling / постановление, управление, судебное решение
имя существительное
decree, ruling, ordinance, provision, determination, act
control, management, administration, governance, operation, ruling
судебное решение
adjudication, ruling, opinion, adjudgement, adjudgment
имя прилагательное
ruling, regent
ruling, dominant, predominate, prevailing, predominant, dominating
prevailing, predominant, predominate, prevalent, dominant, ruling
имя прилагательное
currently exercising authority or influence.
the ruling coalition
имя существительное
an authoritative decision or pronouncement, especially one made by a judge.
He said assets would be confiscated after two court rulings on the decision.
exercise ultimate power or authority over (an area and its people).
Latin America today is ruled by elected politicians
make parallel lines across (paper).
a sheet of ruled paper
The show of nuclear capability should be placed in the context of the fragile political base on which India's new ruling coalition rests.
Most people continue to make the mistake that the Democrats are an opposition party when in fact they are best understood as junior partners in a ruling coalition.
It all depends on how much support the ruling coalition gets from the Opposition.
The plan will be presented by the county authority's ruling Conservative group to a meeting of the governing executive on Tuesday.
On Aristotle's view, a community of any sort can possess order only if it has a ruling element or authority.
They currently are part of the ruling coalition along with the left-wing Labor Party.
The right-wing ruling coalition in Italy, led by Prime Minister Berlusconi, is a strong ally of American President Bush in many issues, above all on foreign policy.
Mr. Dixit is also concerned about the slowing down of economic reforms in the country, owing to inner contradictions within the ruling coalition.
Features of a knightly ruling class still indirectly influence Hispanic societies, including those in the United States.
A State's military ideology is also biased to the extent to which it expresses the views of a country's supreme ruling authority.