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rule / правило, норма, власть
имя существительное
rule, regulation, principle, canon, precept, stern
norm, rate, rule, standard, mark, task
power, authority, rule, control, grip, dominion
control, manage, run, drive, operate, rule
rule, correct, govern, king, rein, sway
rule, dominate, domineer
имя существительное
one of a set of explicit or understood regulations or principles governing conduct within a particular activity or sphere.
the rules of the game were understood
a strip of wood or other rigid material used for measuring length or marking straight lines; a ruler.
The plastic template contains rules , measures and a hole-punching guide.
exercise ultimate power or authority over (an area and its people).
Latin America today is ruled by elected politicians
make parallel lines across (paper).
a sheet of ruled paper
They held great power, and the British, while in control of the country, allowed for local rule in remote areas.
From what I hear from patients everyday, you would think that fast and abstinence is the rule rather than exception.
to rule a line
By using food to fix our draggy moods and low energy, we're letting our emotions rule our bodies, and we're getting fatter in the bargain.
The boy had about as much sense as his mother, letting his passions rule him instead of his head.
The invasion was preceded by a concerted press campaign demonising the Spanish for their tyrannical and brutal colonial rule .
A broadway parish councillor is urging his fellow members to rethink a controversial new rule , which he feels limits a villager's opportunity to be heard.
Knowing the results show most are late, we hope less stigma is attached to finishing late, as it is the rule rather than the exception.
The uprising against imperial rule went on for many years until Numancia was finally besieged and burned to the ground.
There was a time, decades ago, when third-level education was the exception rather than the rule in Irish society; that is no longer the case.