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ruinous / губительный, разорительный, разрушительный
имя прилагательное
harmful, ruinous, fatal, baneful, subversive, blasting
ruinous, confiscatory, wasting
destructive, devastating, disruptive, destroying, ruinous, subversive
destroyed, ruined, disrupted, blasted, demolished, ruinous
ruinous, reclining, tumble-down
имя прилагательное
disastrous or destructive.
a ruinous effect on the environment
in ruins; dilapidated.
the castle is ruinous
But this is an uncomfortable process for nearly everybody and, for some, a very costly and ruinous one.
Obviously, computer crime remains a serious problem and some kinds of attacks can cause ruinous financial damage
Many flee wars, but many more flee ruinous prices and starvation wages.
In 1648, as a part of the Treaty of Westphalia, the exhausted Habsburgs wrote off 80 years of ruinous expense and persistent strategic vulnerability, and at last gave de jure recognition to the fact of Dutch independence.
This ruinous legacy continues to reassert itself at each crucial turn of the country's history.
The ruinous effect of good intentions is a classic dramatic theme: Ibsen dealt with it tragically in The Wild Duck, and Ayckbourn comically in Joking Apart.
The State is also facing a raft of claims, including a multi-million euro class action for compensation by chronic gamblers claiming their ruinous habit began as children betting on the State-run racetrack.
After Richard's death in 1272 the castle's maintenance was neglected, and by 1540 it was ruinous .
She is scared of the ruinous power of the media, for visual signs carry much greater importance in the civilized world than words.
If having an 80 percent titular majority has helped Lithuania consolidate a democracy, it did not help Russia, and it had a ruinous effect on Uzbekistan.