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ruination / гибель, погибель, крушение
имя существительное
death, doom, ruin, downfall, collapse, ruination
perdition, bane, ruination
crash, collapse, wreck, ruin, wreckage, ruination
имя прилагательное
ruminant, ruination
имя существительное
the action or fact of ruining someone or something or of being ruined.
commercial malpractice causes the ruination of thousands of people
And it is David's well-meaning employment of Sheila as a secretary that leads to his ruination .
I suspect that the neglectful ruination of Havana has served a profoundly ideological purpose.
commercial malpractice causes the ruination of thousands of people
Its loose structure is concerned less with broad narrative arcs than with random, largely comic snapshots of ruination .
For those without it, drink spells only ruination and confusion.
A defector from the military regime in the late 1980s, he has seen the ruination of his country by the superstition-ridden clique of generals who have led the country since the 1960s.
Do not worry; it takes more than ruination to distance our loved ones.
Universities may be outraged at further ruination - but who cares about bleating academics at election time?
Much of the rich, original bird and plant life was wiped out by early settlers, who left behind their domestic animals to create further ruination .
These actions nearly brought about the ruination of the association and the destruction of members' livelihoods.