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rug / ковер, коврик, плед
имя существительное
carpet, rug, tapis
mat, rug
plaid, rug, wrap
тащить с усилием
tug, rug
имя существительное
a floor covering of thick woven material or animal skin, typically not extending over the entire floor.
Woven rugs often cover the floors of Uzbek houses.
The hallways were lined here and there with mirrors, and the creaky wooden floors had an old rug with archaic symbols winding with it, down the halls.
Don't they realize every person knows immediately they have implants, same way you can always tell a guy who's wearing a rug ?
The rug on the floor was dim and brown, so worn that it crunched underfoot.
A giant mauve rug that covered the entire floor cushioned her feet.
I was actually disappointed that his tresses were not the result of a bad rug .
A man wearing a blue sports coat and a rug on his head moved up to the standing mike.
The bad rug worn by Douglas is worth a good laugh.
The entire floor was covered by a huge rug woven in complex geometric patterns and curtains partitioned off other areas of the chambers.
Several large chandeliers hung down from the ceiling and traveled down the hall over a long, old hall rug that ran the entire length of the foyer.
This mood is furthered by the wooden hope chest, the old-fashioned furniture, and the floral print rug on the floor.