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rufous / рыжий, красновато-коричневый
имя прилагательное
red, ginger, rufous, carroty, foxy, Judas-colored
ferruginous, puce, rufous, russet, sorrel, auburn
имя прилагательное
reddish brown in color.
Karl Vernes' current interest is in a small rufous bettong colony that lives in the New England region of northern NSW.
имя существительное
a reddish-brown color.
This large, long-tailed flycatcher has a pale yellow belly, gray breast and head, and rufous on its wings and tail.
In the rufous bush robin, nest size was positively related to the size of prey males carried to the nest to feed the young.
Though chiefly a root and fungus eater, today's rufous bettong (one of the smallest species of kangaroo) is in fact frequently observed to chew on animal bones.
Most North Americans are familiar with either the ruby-throated hummingbird, east of the Rocky Mountains, or the rufous hummingbird, west of the Rockies.
Twice a year, rufous hummingbirds travel 2,500 miles between Central America and Alaska.
The rufous turtle dove, which is more commonly found in Asia, often winters in Scandinavia, but its visits to Britain are rare.
I have a hedge and it attracts Western tanagers, rufous hummingbirds, and yellow warblers, to name a few.
At various times of the year other bird species include the red-tailed tropic bird, the rufous night heron, and frigate birds.
Females and males in non-breeding plumage are duller than breeding males, their backs mottled gray-brown rather than rufous .
Along the Pacific Coast, the large Anna's hummingbird may be found, as well as Allen's, black-chinned, broad-tailed, calliope, Costa's, and rufous hummingbirds.
Further down the road, at a checkpoint, rufous tree pies fly down and will perch on your hand for suitable compensation.